This Woman Is Posting Photos of Her Saggy Boobs to Inspire Other Women to Embrace Theirs


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If you've ever felt too self-conscious to go braless or wear a plunging top for fear of drawing attention to your droopy breasts, one style blogger& is here to& show& you how to embrace your boobs, sag and all.

Chidera Eggerue& uses& her Instagram account to promote body positivity, specifically when it comes to breasts. She posts photos of herself with the hashtag& #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER& wearing fashion-forward outfits sans& bra to demonstrate that loving your body means loving your breasts too,& regardless of whether they're perky or saggy. Eggerue started her campaign after noticing how few ads featured breasts with the& normal, totally realistic amount of sag most women develop as they age or after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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The London-based blogger regularly shares photos of herself with empowering captions like "how to style saggy boobs: a tutorial& step 1 - wear the damn outfit. step 2 - remember not to care."


Eggerue's followers love the message of her #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER social media campaign and constantly thank& her for inspiring them to embrace their bodies.

"It's been the most exciting to receive messages from breastfeeding mothers expressing and celebrating how happy they feel to have found this hashtag because they've felt so much shame in their bodies even though they're taking part in the beautifully natural process of feeding their newborn babies," she told INSIDER in an interview.

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At the same time, body shamers have also chimed in& on& Eggerue's photos, complaining that& her body is unattractive. Eggerue says these haters remind her of why she continues to post her body-positive pictures.& "My biggest goal is to simply normalize nature. Not all natural boobs are saggy. Not all older women have saggy boobs. Boobs are just boobs," she said.