Iskra Lawrence, Aly Raisman, and Yara Shahidi Pose With Their Moms in Aerie's Newest Campaign


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Aerie first caught our attention back in 2014 when they introduced ads featuring models without photo retouching—embracing stretch marks, cellulite, freckles, and other so-called "flaws" that are often deemed imperfect in fashion ads. Since then, the brand has continued to have& models with different body types& grace billboards and magazine pages. And in their newest campaign, they're making their ads even more personal.

In continuation of& the #AerieReal Role Model campaign,& which launched in January& with& Yara Shahidi, Aly Raisman, and Iskra Lawrence, the brand decided to feature their role models' own role models—a.k.a.,& their moms.& You can find the OG models alongside their mothers in the ads for their summer '18 collection.

On set, Shahidi, Raisman, and Lawrence each opened up about& how much their moms mean to them.& "My mother was my role model of success and helped me believe that all of my dreams are possible," Shahidi said& of mom Keri. In a reference to her statements in court against abuser Larry Nassar& earlier this year, Raisman said& her mother Lynn had "courage that helped me formulate my fearless voice."& And Lawrence credited mom Wilma with encouraging her to pursue her love of modeling. "Because of [her] unconditional love, I was able to help break the mold and become a model," she said.

Also spotted: some of Aerie's newest summer launches. Shahidi& is wearing the brand's Denim Fringe Short& and Cutout One Piece, while& her mom rocks the Distressed Cable Sweater and Ruffled Jumpsuit; Lawrence sports the Super Scoop& and her mom is in the Macrame One Piece; and& Raisman wears the Crochet Scoop Bikini Top, while& her mom is in the Macrame Scoop One Piece and sister Chloe the Macrame Triangle Bikini with Cheeky Bottoms.

Just in time for Mother's Day, these ads are a reminder of how much we learn from our moms, and we're all about it. If you need us, we'll be recreating these fun-filled pics with our own mamas.