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Beauty / News - 1 month ago

This Surprising Pantry Staple Can Fix a Broken Nail

[brightcove:4885713503001 default] Maybe your New Year's Eve manicure is still looking top notch. Or maybe you've already managed to break a nail a day or two after your trending barely there mani. Either way, before you reach for the glue...

Beauty / News - 1 month ago

6 Ways to Keep Your Face From Looking Puffy

[brightcove:5583366382001 default] If you're anything like us, the holidays likely& involved lots of late nights and delicious wine, multiple servings of mac and cheese, and more missed gym sessions& than we'd like to admit. But as...

Beauty / News - 1 month ago

This Hand Cream Is the Answer to Chapped& Winter Skin

[brightcove:5121517793001 default] As soon as& the temperature drops, it seems like I'm immediately met with all the negative side effects that remind me why I dread winter. Flaky skin and scalp, chapped lips, and dry, cracking hands. Anyo...